Monday, January 23, 2012

Tool # 3: Finding Online Video and Image Resources

For your Tool #3 Assignment:

  1. As a psychology and sociology teacher, I have found several sites that are invaluable to my teaching. I love using Discovery education, You tube and NPR. These sites have tons of visuals, commentaries and  research relating to any and every topic we investigate in both sociology and psychology.
  2. I've embedded two videos I use in my classroom.
  3. Copyright and fair use regulations...Glad to know there are exceptions for teachers and students!  As long as we repurpose and/or add value to a copyrighted piece we can use it for educational purposes. Also if we are using a legal copy or reproduction of a legal copy AND can answer YES to each of these questions below, we are within our rights. 
    Will the copyrighted work be performed or displayed in 1) the course of face-to-face teaching activities of a 2) non-profit institution in a 3) classroom or similar place devoted to instruction?
  4. Created a drop box during SBISD in-service in August. Every teacher responded to assignment that was put in this drop box.

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  1. Look at you - getting all comfortable with embedding video! You're moving along a nice little clip - hope it's getting easier as you progress :)