Friday, January 13, 2012

Tool #2:Building Community in the Online Environment

  1. I just googled psychology blog and was amazed at what I found. Yes, many were educators, doctors, therapists, individuals blogging about their mental illnesses or criticizing some aspect of psychology - research on psych reviews, criticisms about the proposed changes in the DSM name it.
  2. I have very mixed emotions about private "journaling" in public spaces. It can be so advantageous and so dangerous at the same time. I think it will take an incredible amount of effort for any individual, and for students even more effort, to separate good from bad, real from "surreal", oppressive from liberating.
  3. Yes, I suppose blogs can be very useful in building an "online community" if the blog is a credible site, it could be very helpful and insightful.
  4. human/2010. This site offers interesting reviews on research about everyday life situations.

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  1. It's slightly overwhelming, isn't it? The amount of "stuff" that's out there and actually of use int he classroom. Glad you're exploring and learning and adding to your PLN :)